Top 5 Destinations To Visit Before You Reach 30

30 is usually the stage wherein a man and a woman decide to settle, plan for a family and for the future that lies ahead of them. Before reaching this stage, here are 5 destinations you must travel before you reach 30.


Eiffel Tower
Taste the perfect rendition of the deliciously made croissants, walk hand in hand in sights of the Eiffel tower, get to know the symbols carved in every wall and fall in love with the city lights. Known to be the city of love, Paris, France.



If you love classic, visit Greece for it is known to have ancient landmarks . There are also black sand beaches where in you and your friends can party all night. It is popularly known to be the house of the gods and goddesses, Greece.


Big Ben
Stop the time and witness the Big Ben as it strikes 12, feels like a fairy tale. Ruled by a king and queen, London will always be royal.


Mt. Fuji
Discover the home of many different forms of martial arts! Taste the Japanese cuisine that became famous around the world and explore different sites that will take your breath away.


New York
Oh in New York this is where your dreams are made of! A globally influential center of arts,culture, fashion and finance. The city that wears many crowns, New York.
It may sound cliche but we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us! Live a dream, explore and bring wonderful memories of your youth!