Some Airlines Now Offer ‘Quiet Zone’ on Flights

Business men travel neither to go for adventures nor to escape life; rather, they pack their bags, book a flight, and do a transaction in order to survive life. This is how business men do their work; the reason why a lot of low-budget airlines changed the way passengers fly.

IndiGo airline in India created “Quiet Zones” on flights. This is an area where children below 12-years are not allowed to pass in. Most likely, Business travelers would benefit this area because it’s the best place to sit back and relax; a place free from screaming noise pollution of a tantrum child.

Quiet Zone
Malaysia Asia

Quiet zones are not only for business men, but as well for some passengers who need a discreet place to rest.

Daily Express

As stated by the IndiGo airline, rows 1-4 and 11-14 will serve as the “Quiet zones”, strictly for passengers 12 years and above.

Here are some budget airlines that accommodate an area for quiet zone.

Malaysia Air
Malaysia Air
Daily Mail
Air Asia
Lonely Planet
Singapore’s Scoot Airline
IndiGo Airline

As of now, NO U.S. airline has created such zones.

For the record, 68 percent from the respondents agreed with these zones.

In spite its positivity and benefits, still there are some who left undesirable statements regarding this new way. One of it is from a twitter user that pointed out, quiet zone won’t be “noise free”. Another is from’s  George Hobica that agreed that quiet zone won’t be effective.

A lot may agree but we can’t change the fact that others will throw their negative comments regarding a certain matter. Quiet zone or not, parents must stay responsible in dealing with their kids while on board in order to avoid unnecessary distractions for passengers who want to enjoy their flight while having a peace of mind.