This Man Quits His Job then Traveled the World with ‘Mom I’m Fine’ Sign

“Whatever your age is, if you have a Latin mom and a passion for adventure, you will find a way to tell her that you are fine. This is my way.” – Jonathan

It’s true that we’re not born just to pay bills and die.Well in fact, we wanted to escape life. Escape reality, obligations, and expectations piled up for us. And behind these realities, lies each dream. A dream of big adventures, hidden lust for the wonders of the world, and concealed escapes. As they say, we travel not to escape life, rather for life not to escape us.

Despite all odds, Jonathan Quiñonez,27 -year-old, defied the expectations of the society, left his job as a model and consultant, then packed his bags for he knew that a long and wonderful adventure awaits him.

What caught the heart and eye of the social media is when he created an Instagram account, @momimfine , giving high respect to her mother that whenever he goes, he dedicates it  for his mother.

momimfine instagram

It may look funny, but in all honesty, he’s been constantly doing it as a promise to his mom.

Upside down

So far, Jonathan’s been to a lot of places and a lot are wondering where he’ll set sail next.