Once You Fall, There’s NO WAY Back…This Stream Lured Thousands of Visitors With Just One Look

They say looks can be deceiving, and yes it’s true for a stream in England that captured thousands of travelers with its enchanting yet magnifying beauty.

You may not be aware but Bolton Strid in England is one of the deadliest stream in the world. Once you see it, it may look harmless and meek; but for the record, no one who falls in is ever seen again.

Bolton Strid
Amateur Photographer

Just by looking at it, the water flows softly but if observed, its’ current are sturdy. For a reminder: Don’t ever dare to walk across it nor dip your toes on it. Don’t bedazzled for deep down this alluring flowing water are concealed caves that carted thousands of corpses that were never seen again.

Truly it is a great wonder where the carcasses of the unfortunate captives are as of now; what we know is that this stream in England is a great mystery unsolved for it captures the heart, mind, and soul of every wanderlust person.