The REAL Reason Angelina Filed a Divorce from Brad, Plus Photos and Other Facts

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie
The news came as a shock to most people and has then dominated the internet. Who would have thought that one of Hollywood’s A-list couples would end up to this? You might have heard or read different versions of the story but here are some of the facts you should know:
  1. The trigger was a conflict over the kids, substance abuse and anger
  2. Jolie filed legal documents on September 19 citing irreconcilable differences
  3. Jolie is asking for the custody of their six children
  4. Jolie asked the judge to grant Pitt visitation rights
  5. Angelina refuses to grant Brad a joint physical custody, only legal custody
  6. Angelina has been said to be extremely upset with Brad’s parenting methods
  7. Some sources say Angelina became ‘fed-up’ with Brad’s alcoholism, consumption of weed, ‘anger issues’
  8. Robert Offer, Angelina’s entertainment attorney says she made the decision ‘for family’s health’
  9. No mention of any ‘third party’
  10. Jolie is not asking for any spousal or child support
  11. Jolie lists September 15, 2016 as the date of separation
  12. Brad and Angelina has been together since 2004 and got married in 2014
  13. The couple’s children are Maddox, 15; Pax, 12; Zahara, 11; Shiloh, 10; and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8.
  14. No confirmation yet of whether a prenuptial agreement is in place
  15. As per Forbes estimate, the two have earned about $117.5 million since they got married in 2014
  16. Atty. Laura Wasser who has been handling high-profile divorces, represents Jolie in this case
  17. Both Angelina and Brad are asking for privacy during this ‘difficult time’

Check out some of the couple’s pictures below:

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie