You Will Regret Buying These 10 Things Online

The internet had declared a take over and with just a one click you can do shopping online. You can just purchase a product if you do not have the to go to the mall you just pay for the extra fees that will be charged to. After shopping, are you satisfied? Does the quality of the product match the price?

Be aware of the product you are buying via internet. Here are things you may have bought and wasted your money at. Know about the item you are purchasing through web. Here are things you may have purchased and squandered your cash at.

#10. Groceries

Don’t buy groceries online if you can drop buy a supermarket near you. When you buy it in person, you have the assurance that what you bought is the best meat, canned goods, etc.


#9. Swim wear

Many online retailers do not allow swim wears to be returned once opened. You also don’t have the assurance if it is brand new or used.

swim wear

#8. Flowers

flower delivery

When you have your flowers arranged by a local florist, more likely you pay less and have a better .

#7. Books

books for sale

There are PDFs and E-books via internet . Often times, the books sold online are cheap but in addition to the shipping fee you are going to pay, it sums up to the original price of the book sold in-store which is brand new.

#6. Movies/Cds


For practicality, there are online sites where in you can download movies for free. But if you really want to have a collection of movies/cds with you, better buy it in a thrift shop for better price.

#5. Furniture

funiture online

When buying furniture in-store, you have many choices to choose from and you can negotiate it for a better price, rather online where in you have to pay for excessive delivery fee and few choices to choose from.

#4. Pets


You may have to deal with excessive delivery fees when buying a pet online. It is safest for the pet if you purchase it on person or if you want, you can go to a local animal shelter and humane society, and have an adoption for free.

#3. Jewelries

jewelries online

Have much precaution when looking for jewelries online. Due to the fact that jewelries are costly, it is often used as a scam. Especially with unsecured sites, this may cause give your computer a virus and worst, steal your identity, account numbers and other information.

#2. Prescriptions

prescription drugs

Taking prescription drugs that is not advised by your doctor might put your health in trouble. Unknowingly you might be purchasing illegal and behind the counter drugs. At all costs, avoid buying it online.

#1. Cars

shopping online cars

The value of a car drops as soon as you drive it a lot. Better look for a quality used car that has taken huge depreciation hit. When you buy it in a store, you have the opportunity to test it out first and have a better deal, rather in online where in this opportunity is taken away.