Twitter Employee Disabled Trump’s Twitter Account

Ah, Donald Trump. Lots of people like him, and lots of people also hate him. Whatever your side is, though, we can agree on just one thing.

Trump loves his Twitter account.

The present US president loves turning to the social media platform to publicize anything from policy to dissing people he doesn’t like.


But all this changed when…

… the fire nation attacked? Not a chance. It’s just one employee from Twitter, who also happened to be on his last day with the company. Apparently he wanted to mark his last day of work by deactivating @realDonaldTrump before leaving.

Good job, sir. You are one noble troll.

Donald Trump Twitter

For a total of 11 minutes, Trump’s Twitter was nowhere to be found.

But Twitter was able to restore it. Nothing was lost. Past tweets, followers, everything was still there. Then, a few hours after that, the “Twitter Government” spoke up, saying it indeed was not a mistake, and that they’re doing an “internal review” (whatever that means).

After that, Trump went right back to his usual Twitter business.

Trump didn’t actually tweet about the blackout of his account, though. Instead, he just went on with tweets about Hillary Clinton, Fox News, tax cuts, and his usual stuff.

Donald Trump Twitter

Just when you thought Trump would disappear from the web, here he is again.