Someone Tried to Pull an IRS Phone Scam on a Person Who Knows Her Tax Law

Scams are everywhere, and we might have even heard stories from our friends. On an otherwise ordinary day, you can get these text messages and calls from numbers you don’t recognize. And then you find out that, for some weird reason, you win a hundred thousand dollars. Or worse, you have just accrued so much interest for a loan you’re sure you didn’t even apply for.

An even scarier prospect is getting a call from the IRS. We all know the IRS doesn’t mess around when it comes to people’s taxes, so having these guys running after you is a nightmare.

Thing is, IRS agents never call anyone, and this woman knows it. This is the story of Hadeel Al-Massari, who one day got scammed by someone posing as someone from the IRS. As if that wasn’t enough, Hadeel also is equipped with a bit of knowledge about tax law, adding to the comedic value of this IRS phone scam. Have a look.


This is Hadeel. She isn’t a lawyer and hasn’t been to law school. But she knows a bit of tax law because her previous jobs required it.

IRS phone scam
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