Roommate From Hell

Most of us have had a roommate at one point in our lives. Some were angels, others, not so much.

Exchanging messages with your future roommates should be a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, this was not the case for two UCLA freshmen and their third roommate.

Winnie Chen posted a screenshot on Twitter of an email she sent to herself and another roommate, identified as Guistinna Tun, from their future roommate “Ashly” with some off-the-wall attitude and melodramatic demands.

Tun pointed out Ashly’s sense of entitlement but ended the email saying she and Chen are willing to “start over” and are “open minded”.

Finally, the roommate replies with a very #sorrynotsorry response. Claiming that she is both “really chill” and “a ticking time bomb” then signs off with a “lol” in a last effort to ease up the mood.