12 People Who Had One Job, But Still Blew It

Humans are both smart and stupid at the same time. They can bring the world technological marvels like the iPhone X. But many times, they can also make you want to facepalm so hard.

Like these wise guys who had one job – one very simple job – but still managed to turn them into epic fails. Enjoy, but please try your best not to lose a brain cell. We need them more than ever.


1. This is really draining

Last time I checked, a drainage is there to, well, drain water from the street.

one job epic fail


2. Do you even read, bro?

Apparently he doesn’t. That, or he’s just trolling us big time.

one job epic fail


3. Looks like someone took “Opposite Day” way too seriously.

And Opposite Day, as our younger selves would know, always ends up in disaster.

one job epic fail