10 Times People Got Hilariously Awesome Stuff from a Thrift Shop

A thrift shop can both be a good thing and a bad thing. Bad because sometimes the stuff you buy break easily, or worse, are broken to begin with. But it’s also good if you chance upon something really useful. Better yet if it’s both useful and in good condition.

True enough, thrift shops can be your go-to place if you’re short on cash but need clothes, shoes, hats, socks, jackets, things like that. And you can even get the occasional trinkets and decor for cheap.

But the thrift shop experience can be even greater. If you look hard enough (or if you get lucky), you can score some great deals. Sometimes, even hilarious ones. Or hilariously awesome ones, just like what these ten people managed to get.


1. Band of dragons

thrift shop
Tumblr | thriftstoreoddities

Dungeons and Dragons players would love to have one of these in their campaigns.


2. Cat and mouse

thrift shop
Reddit | aRandomViking

This cat just caught a mouse! Not the kind of mouse you’re thinking, though.