Woman Arrested for Allegedly Stealing French Fries from D.C. Police

A woman from Washington, D.C. was arrested after she allegedly stole some french fries from the plate of a police officer.


According to the report, the woman, 26, seemed drunk and sat down right next to the police officer at the Italian Pizza Kitchen on U Street last September 7th. She approached him and took the french fries out of the latter’s hands. The officer warned her and advised her to stop but the woman refused and reached for another, police said.

The police told her that what she was doing was theft, and will have her arrested if she ceased to stop. It clearly didn’t work because she reached for the third fry. This time, the officer went ahead and arrested her.

The woman was charged with second-degree theft. Police report says: ‘French fried potato’ as the stolen property. Quantity: ‘Three’.


Source: Kiro 7 news