Arachnophobic? Lucas the Spider Will Surely Change Your Mind!

Spiders. They’re usually harmless, and even helpful. In fact, only a few species of spiders are dangerous to humans.

But we still find spiders so creepy.

Is it the hairy legs? The eight legs? The shape of its body? The multiple eyes? The webs? It could be any of those. And if you’ve had a spider crawl on you, you know the feeling. You know exactly what we’re talking about.

That makes you wonder. Is there anything that will make spiders not creepy?

This cutie pie may be the answer. Meet Lucas the Spider.

Lucas is the bright idea of animator Joshua Slice. According to him, it was just a test run of a character he’s been working on. He asked his nephew – conveniently named Lucas – to do the voice acting. Check out how adorable he is in the video below! To think it’s only 20 seconds long.

As of writing, the video is #39 on YouTube’s “Trending” list. It has over 2 million views already. But that’s not all.