This Man Saw a Wallet Full of Cash and It changed His Life

Wallet found
What will you do if you found a wallet full of cash? Would you keep it, not bothering who the owner is? Or you’ll do the other way around, wherein you’ll return it and act like nothing happened?   

A homeless Thailand resident, Woralop made a decision that unexpectedly changed his life.


Back then, he was a homeless man with so little amount of coins in his pocket, just enough to survive the day. What would really tear you apart is that he can’t even afford to buy a decent food.

One day, Woralop stumbled upon the subway station a designer wallet loaded with credit cards and cash ($580). He didn’t even dare to keep it for himself. He didn’t even get a single piece of bill nor be tempted to have it for himself. Rather, he went to the police station nearby and surrendered what he found.

Without knowing, the owner of the wallet owned a factory. Nitty Fongkriangyos, the owner, rewarded him instead. More than the amount found, Woralop received a job and a permanent apartment which he could call “his own”.

Woarlop with the owner of wallet

For how many years in his life he’d been living on streets, unsure of what tomorrow may bring. And now, he’s enjoying the fruit of his honesty, and  living the life he never thought he could have.

Job and Apartment

We’re proud of you Woralop!