The TOP Secret in Playing ‘Pokémon Go’

#1. I’ll get Pikachu as my starter

Pikachu as starter

The usual pick for starters are usually Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Aside from that, did you know that for the nth time of ignoring them, they’ll surprise you and let you choose a starter with ‘Pikachu’ instead? Fun little trick you should be aware. If you did this, you can go playing around like Ash Ketchum huh?

#2. Actual strategy is a requirement in catching higher level Pokémon

Catching pokemons

At first, some of the Pokémon are given to you at its finest,but later on once you reach 100+ CP Pokémon, they’ll usually start breaking out and it is a need for you to collect more of those Poke balls. Hint, you will see a ring on the Pokémon once you’ll catch it and if you see that it’s shrinking, and reach its smallest circumference, that’s the time you should throw the ball.

The color of the circle also matters.

Green = not a problem.

Yellow =Tougher

Red = Very Hard

#3. Battling is more complicated than it looks.


Battling is like smashing your opponent’s face. During the battle, you can’t just dodge the whole time, you may not realize that each Pokémon has their “CP” in which you you can use to unleash a more powerful attack. Basically, you should know when to defend and when to attack.

#4. You can’t cheat the egg


In order to hatch the egg you need to walk. You can’t just ride on a bus or a vehicle and wait for a few minutes and then voila! If this is how you think, then I’ll prove you wrong. Remember, your movements are tracked down by the GPS, and some sort of speed limitation knows if you’re on mobile. Thus, you’ll just waste your energy walking on a treadmill.

#5. Nothing’s tracked if the App is closed.

App Close

You can’t access the game if it’s closed. It won’t inform you if there’s a Pokémon nearby or Poke stops nearby if it’s closed. It only means that you really need to prepare the battery of your phone if you want to play this because it’s costly.

#6. You need to beat a rival team if you want to take over a gym.

Take over the gym

There are three teams who can take over a gym; we have Mystic, Instinct, and Valor. In order to win a game, one must compete and once you won the game, you can place a Pokémon there and wait for another battle. You can do this and take over a lot of gym by team through cooperation and teamwork.

#7. You can receive free stuff if you hold a gym.


What’s the point of holding a gym? Bragging rights? Nah! Once you own a gym, you can actually have a tangible benefit from it. There will be times wherein you can get a daily package of significant amount of currency, but you should have the control of it for a full 24 hours.

#8. Evolve non-primary duplicates for XP.

Evolve Eevee

If you got a lot of duplicated Pokémon, transfer it to get a candy. You will use the candy for power ups and evolution of your Pokémon. Remember, use your stardust wisely and for worthy Pokémon.

#9. Know when to invest and when to hold off into a Pokémon


It’s better to invest your stardust and and into higher stage Pokémon. It’s hard to tell when but try to weigh because time will come where in you’ll get to use on catching the same Pokémon with higher CP all over again.

#10. Tracking of Pokémon is sometimes unreliable


Sometimes you will find the GPS unavailable and the sightings nearby unreliable as well.