The Number One Reason Why You’re Still Single

The fact that you’re reading this now is most likely because you are single. At some point you could be thinking that maybe you’re not good looking enough for others to like you. But hey, that’s not the main reason why you’re single!

Let’s break it down from the top 5 to the number one reason you haven’t found the one yet. Here we go:


5. You’re fixated on your ex

ex girlfriend boyfriend argue







You find it difficult to move on. You realize how ideal your partner is after the relationship has ended. Now you start comparing every new person you meet with your ex. Everything ends up to nothing, simply because nobody can live up to your idealism.


4. Your standards are too high










This is very common but still not the number one reason why you’re single. You have a checklist of ‘what should be’ that you fail to appreciate ‘what is’.


3. You focus too much on your career

career man woman







You just want to be successful. You still have a long list of goals to achieve before trying to get into a relationship. You just don’t need that distraction right now.


2. You play hard to get

hard to get








You’re a great pretender. You just love it when the other person exerts more effort to show how much you mean to him/her. You don’t realize that you could be overdoing it.


And the Number 1 reason is…


1. You think you should wait

love waiting







You keep waiting for the right person at the right time. You just wait for love to find you instead of you going out there and search for that love.