‘Zika’ at Risk: Things You Should Know About

Prevention is better than cure, Zika is at risk and there are certain things you should be aware of to prevent the spread of this virus and the threat it may bring to you and your family.

Zika virus outbreak was declared by the U.S. government in Puerto Rico to the public health, in which the virus has become a “significant threat”. Reason behind the declaration is due to a massive spread of Zika which affected 0ver 6,000 people including over 520 pregnant women.

Many Americans are not concerned of what the virus may bring. “I’m sorry that people feel that way, but it is a problem,” Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “The tradgedy of a preventable case of a severe birth defect is something I think we have to make very clear to people.” He continued.

What should we know about Zika Virus?

#1.Zika’s effects takes time before it can be seen
Zika effect to Pregnant

Pregnant women appears to be the most at risk. It appears in early pregnancy. People seemed to not take this  seriously, but pregnant women infected with this virus will have babies with microcephaly.

#2. Beyond Microcephaly

Majority of those who were affected by the virus won’t notice it at first, similar with summer flu, the disease won’t show any symptoms and signs. Researchers are unsure of how long the baby of a pregnant woman can live. For the baby will experience brain damage, and it may also appear with blindness and abnormal joint development.

#3. The virus will be with you and it may spread
Sex transmission of Zika

When traveling especially abroad with Zika Virus case, try to prevent mosquito bites. Local mosquitos are infected with Zika virus when the person bitten got the virus first hand. In which, a sudden widespread of the virus may happen. In addition, sex with a person infected with Zika is also harmful, for it is easily transmitted.

#4.Zika is not the only virus you should be aware of
Mosquito sucking blood on a human hand

Zika virus is only one of the most recent outbreaks in America. Thus, in preparation, you must have an adequate funding for this disease and for the future to come.

Better be aware and prepared, if you think this is not an issue, think twice!