You’ll Be Surprised These Phobias Existed

Not scared of anything. These phobias, might be hidden within you.

As a child and growing up we figured out what scares us the most. We learned how to handle these fears or we may never learnt. Some fears may include; fear of heights, fear of snakes, fear of the dark, and fear of clowns. These fears may have existed due to personal experiences, and/or observing others from their own experiences and how they reacted. For someone, people with these phobias seem very odd and funny. Let us check out some these phobias that you didn’t know existed:

  1. Euphobia- Fear of hearing good news


I know you think this is funny, but it truly exists. Some people are glad to hear good news and fear the bad news. These people are driven to live in a chaotic environment.

  1. Ablutophobia- irrational fear of bathing, cleaning, and/or cleaning


There is no specific causes of this phobia. However, this could have been caused during a childhood traumatic incident involving water or may have used cleaning/bathing as a form of punishments from their parents.

  1. Ergophobia- Fear of working


Do you have fear of getting up early Monday morning to go to work? This phobia is very rare. A person with this phobia has thoughts of working that creates extreme stress and anxiety. They fear the workplace and its environment, the people they are working with, getting fired, and being late (eg. giving presentations, not doing their job correctly).

  1. Nomophobia- fear of being without a mobile device


This word is derived from “nomobile phone phobia”. There was study done by UK Post Office 2010 where 2,163 individuals were sampled. The outcome of the research resulted in 53 percent of the sampled reported fear/anxious when they lost their phone, ran out of battery, or no service.

Maybe it’s time to take a break from your mobile devices once in awhile.

  1. Deipnophobia- fear of dining


If you tend to avoid conversations in the dining table or meal time with your family, you may be experiencing this phobia. Besides family dinner time, this can also happen during dining out with your friends or strangers. People with this phobia tend to eat alone or will prefer to eat at home if were invited by friends.

  1. Domatophobia- fear of houses or being in a house


Instead of feeling safe and relaxed at your house, there are people who find houses unsafe and constrained. This anxiety is probably caused by being claustrophobic. Another reason may be that a person may had a traumatic experience in their home growing up.

Most of these phobias have arised due to traumatic experiences. So, be kind to other people, especially to little kids. And if someone you think has a weird phobia do not make fun of it.