Terrible Things You Do to Your Body That You’re Not Aware Of

Human life is the most precious gift one could ever acquire. Without it, nothing can be done. Everyday we do a lot of things that sometimes we’re not aware of the possible effect it could bring to our body. Here are some terrible facts may have done to your body that you’re not aware of.

#1. Fewer or more hours of sleep

Wake up early

Chronic diseases are prone to people who sleeps fewer than 6 hours or more than 10 hours.

#2. Consumption of more than 2 alcoholic drinks a day

Alcoholic drinks

The cancer on the throat, neck and mouth are due to drinking of 3 or more alcoholic drinks a day.

#3. Too much exposure on TV series


40% risk of dying are prone for people who seats for more than 11 hours a day and are exposed in radiation.

#4. Hiding yourself indoors

Hiding indoors

The essential elements in the body, such as the vitamin D, are shortening if you just stay indoors.

#5. Over training


Exercise weakens the immune system and makes you prone to illness if it’s 90 minutes or more.

#6. Not drinking enough water

Drinking Water

It will keep you dehydrated if you lack water in your body. Thus, you should drink eight glasses of water a day in order for the waste and toxins in your body  to be removed.

#7. Smoking


For the knowledge of everyone, smoking is bad for our health. It has a lot of negative effects for our body, proven and tested.

#8. Too much intake of coffee

too much coffee

A new study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings suggests that 56% higher risk of dying from any cause

#9. Resting your butt all-day long

resting butt all day

Having an exercise early in the morning and resting all day is not healthy. You are prone to chronic diseases when you keep on resting and doing nothing, better have something do to exercise the muscles and organs of your body.

#10. Low consumption of Carbs


Carbs and chill is the recipe for success. Especially for persons who work out, most of them don’t eat carbs because it could increase their weight. But based on research, high-carbohydrate intervention experienced reduced the effects of hard training and logged more sleep.

#11. Sleeping with your clothes on


Sleeping naked doesn’t mean that you’re an exhibitionist. Based on studies, it can keep your temperature regulated and lower the rate of damaged DNA in your sperm.

#12. Eating your midnight snack


Late-night cravings could disrupt your sleep and could pack on pounds which are unnecessary for your body and besides, it could dull some functions of your brain.

#13. Stressing out


Health is wealth. Sometimes it’s okay to rest if you’re tired. It’s not being lazy; it’s about taking care of your body once in a while.

#14. Obsessing yourself with perfection


Cut yourself out from being a perfectionist! Based on studies, persons who can’t accept imperfections are prone to suicide. Suicide is committed due to the fact that the body, emotionally and psychologically have to deal with psychological pain and hopelessness.

#15. Forgot to stretch

stretching body

Injury is caused because your body is not flexible, thus stretching does not only keep your body moving all day but encourages blood flow throughout the body and can improve flexibility as well.

Remember, take good care of your health, safeguard it by all means for it is the temple of your soul.