Inside The World’s First Starbucks Store

Seattle has a lot to offer. Aside from its iconic Space Needle, there also lies the world’s first ever Starbucks store. Hold tight coffee lovers!

This store was established in 1971 at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Washington, United States. 

Some snapshots from my trip:


The Outside:

The heat of the sun was completely ignored by all these people trying to endure the long lines although they know for a fact that there are other Starbucks stores within the Pike Place area.

We all know that coffee will taste the same in every Starbucks store, but hey, this is the First ever Starbucks store!


The Entrance:

Obviously, the store has undergone a lot of renovation. It looks pretty modern, and I can say almost the same with the rest of the Starbucks stores nowadays. But what make this place special is, it will forever be The First.

The Inside:

I admire how the baristas keep their cool in such a busy coffee shop. It is the experience after all that makes this store so attractive especially to tourists. Come’on, it’s a rare experience to be in such a historic place and getting your cup of favorite drink from there makes it such a proud moment.

So here’s my proud Starbucks moment, a cup of Green Tea Latte: