The Best Farm for Blueberry Picking with Unlimited Taste Test!

They got Spartans, Dukes, Drapers, Liberties, Blue Ribbon and Chandlers.

One of the many things we enjoy most in Washington state is Rusty Plow Farm’s blueberry picking or U-pick as they call it. Aside from the far cheaper price you get compared to buying from the grocery stores, you also get unlimited taste test. For only $2.50/lb, there’s no question I’d prefer picking the blueberries myself and eat them fresh.

The Rusty Plow Blueberry Farm is a family-owned farm with resident owners maintaining it first hand. Located on the Enumclaw plateau, just below the foothills of Mt. Rainier, this blueberry picking farm is a must-visit in the Evergreen State.

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blueberry picking

This 3.2-acre farm started in 2011 when the owners’ friends and family gathered for a big ‘planting party’. It gave birth to now 4,700 blueberry plants of different varieties with unique tastes and personalities.

blueberry picking

We personally love the fact that this blueberry farm doesn’t get muddy because of the grassy aisles. It’s also wide enough that can accommodate multiple pickers at the same time.

blueberry pickingThey got Spartans, Dukes, Drapers, Liberties, Blue Ribbon and Chandlers which ripen at different times, normally late June through August. Related Read: Cherry Blossoms You Never Want to Miss. The Rusty Plow Farm doesn’t have regular opening schedule. You have to follow their Facebook posts to plan ahead. They also have a website

Blueberry pickingSee above photo. Can you tell how much we love their blueberries? The farm is currently not certified as ‘organic’ but they share the same farming practices as their ‘organic’ counterparts.

There are some speckles and freckles on the berries due to the hailstorms. They look like insect damage but it’s not. Tastes so great still!

blueberry picking