Surreal Places You Won’t Believe that Actually Exist

#1. Glowworms Cave, New Zealand

Glow Worm

Isn’t it amazing how the place glows like stars in the night? Located in Waitomo, New Zealand, and attracting visitors for more than 120 years. This incredible structure is formed by limestones and luminescent glowworms. It will surely take your breath away.

#2. Tianzi Mountains, China

Tianzi Mountain

Known as the ‘Monarch of the Peak Forest’, Tianzi Mountain  is notorious to be a nature reserve in Wulingyuan, China. You will be dumbfounded on how the beautiful sceneries on this mountain greets visitors in different season. You should never miss the Sea of clouds, the radiance of the moonlight, rays of sunshine, and snow on winter; the four wonders of Tianzi.

#3. Fly Geyser, Nevada USA

Fly Geyser

One of Nevada’s serenest attractions that not many people know exists is the Fly Ranch Geyser, commonly known as Fly Geyser.  It is nestled on a private land in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. The magnificent rainbow-colored geyser was brought by human error and geothermal pressure.

Note: Fly Geyser is a private property and trespassing is illegal.

#4. Emerald Ice on Baikal Lake, Russia

surreal Lake Baikal

A blanket of stunning ice sculptures covers the vast white landscape in Siberia. Known to be ‘Lake Baikal’, this place contains 20 percent of the Earth’s fresh water and recognized to be the largest freshwater lake on the planet. A great phenomenon happens during winter due to the turquoise ice formation. Back packers, watch out maybe the Snow Queen is out there wandering.

#5. Monte Roraima, Venezuela

Monte Roraima

Remember in the movie “Up”, where in Mount Roraima is featured? It’s really a dream place to be here. It’s like you’re on top of the world with peace and serenity with the nature. This is one of the oldest mountain formation on Earth and is full of mysteries, myths and legends. Hikers, if you want to have some adventurous experience, better pack your things and be fascinated on Mount Roraima.

#6. San Doong Cave, Vietnam

Sondong Cave

A river, jungle and unique climate creates this cave. With ceilings towering over 200 meters high, Hang Son Doong is the biggest cave in Vietnam. The temperature inside the cave creates the magically surreal atmosphere.

#7. Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, USA

Prismatic Spring

The vividness and delicacy of this rainbow colored spring in Wyoming, USA makes the place exquisite. This place is known to be the Grand Prismatic Spring. Following the spectrum of white light in through a spectrum, you would actually see how beautiful this place is. It’s like putting color to your black and white life.

#8. Antelope Canyon, USA

Antelope Canyon

Deep flash flood created a strikingly beautiful passages – this passages are known to be slot canyon. Photographers, better capture the beams of sunlight inside the canyon and you’ll be awed by it.

#9. Abraham Lake, Canada

Abraham Lake

Looks can be deceiving. These frozen bubbles may look like winter jewels but be careful because it’s dangerous if it pops. A highly flammable gas of methane are escaping from the surface water. Through the glass surface, you can see and hear the underwater crackles.

#10.Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia

Dallol Volcano

Located in a remote part of the Northern Danakil Depression in NE Ethiopia, a hydrothermal field could be found. Dallol volcano, has the most spectacular landscape. It is probably caused by the intense fumarolic activity done by an active volcanic system. This place is known to be the hottest place on Earth.

#11. Lake Retba, Senegal

Lake Retba

It’s unusual to see a lake that’s colored pink isn’t it? This place is not edited, for less than an hour from Senegal, you can witness this vivid pink colored lake. The lake Retba is caused by its very high content of salt that attracts  the Dunaliella bacteria. If you want to check it out this place, make sure it is during dry season because that is when salinity content exceeds.

#12. Lake Natron, Tanzania

Lake Tanzania

This place may lure you, but be careful for it may be pleasing to the eyes but behind that, it turns its captives into ghosts. This Lake Natron is steaming hot water  with temperature that can heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

#13. Ice Cave, Iceland

ice cave - surreal places

The mesmerizing wonders of nature in Ice Cave, Iceland are so captivating. Into the glacier you’ll think about jewels, sapphires and diamonds for when lighted upon, the ice glitters.