Winter is Coming in Game of Thrones Season 8

Better brace yourselves for ‘Game of Thrones’ will end in season 8. Worse than any break up huh? Yeah you’ve read it right. The producer David Benioff and DB Weiss decided with HBO to end it in season 8, and don’t be shocked for the two remaining seasons will be shortened.

Before it’s too late, better check these scenes you might have missed from ‘Game of Thrones’.

#1. Daenerys’ fleet shipped both Tyrell and Martell ships towards Westeros

Daenerys' fleet
Martell ship
Tyrell Ship

It may be difficult to see but behind the black and red of Targaryen, the green Tyrell sails. Besides, it’s clear that the Orange Dornish puts out to sea. Together, as Daenerys prepares for her assault on Westeros, she already has 3 houses and Varys back.

#2. The revenge for the Red Wedding day

Red Wedding day
arya's Revenge

Karma will get you eventually. Remember how the Starks were killed during the wedding of Robb Stark? It’s true that never betray the sacred guests for the ones who murdered them died in a similar way.

#3.  Tommen’s so called ‘suicide’

Bran shoved out the window
Tommen Suicide

If you can still recall, Bran couldn’t walk because Jaime Lannister shoved him out of the window. Poor Bran at an early age lost his ability due to the fact that he caught Jaime and Cersei’s ‘unsibling like’ activity. A symbolic link on how Cersei last son, Tommen died. The exact same way when Cersei’s actions kind of pushed him out of the window.

#4. Tommen died twice on the show

Martyn Lannister

Dean-Charles Chapman played the role of Tommen and at the same time, Martyn Lannister. You’re as well shocked huh? Martyn Lannister was one of the boys Lord Karstark killed during the Stark’s battle with Lannisters. Thus it only means that he died twice on the show.

#5. The return of Jon Snow

Jon Snow
Birth of Jon

Who said Jon Snow is a bastard? Now you better bow at him for he’s the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen (son of the Mad king, and Daenerys’ brother).