Twins Crossed the Finish Line Hand-In-Hand

Olympics is the pinnacle of any athlete’s career. Being able to represent your country is a great honor. An event where the whole world gathers and celebrate. Win or lose, at the end of the day, competitors are still every nation’s pride. Thus, competition and finishing races becomes an inspiration.

During at the Olympics games, a heart whelming incident touched the audiences’ heart. One story of Abbey D’ Agostino of the United States, during the race she stopped and offered a helping hand to her competitor, Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand, after she fell and got injured.

“I mean, that girl is the Olympic spirit right there,” Hamblin said to the reporters.

With numerous of inspiring stories throughout the games, an unforgettable finish in the Marathon became one of the talk around the games. When the German twins, Anna and Lisa Hahner joined hand and crossed the finish line together. This particular event drew a lot of attention and criticism, around the world.


Crossing the line together, hand and hand, and a smile to their faces, Rio officials were alarmed. On their perspective, the twins’ finish was a slapped to everyone’s face that they’re publicity seeking and treating the Olympic marathon as a “fun run”.

Every athlete provides many expectations for the spectators. Thus, one must follow sets of norms and must remember that what they’re joining promotes competition and sportsmanship.

The twins, insisted to join hands and made no political agenda in this part, but their action crossing the line  reflected opposition.

hand in hand

The sports director of German Athletics Federation, Thomas Kurschilgen, said via email that Victory and medals are not the only goal.”

“Still, every athlete in the Olympic competitions should be motivated to demonstrate his or her best performance and aim for the best possible result,” he added.

Kurschilgen said that the approach used by the Hahners aimed to generate media attention. “That is what we criticize.”

Anna Hahner later on explained via email that it was not planned and they’ve done the best they could, individually.
Hahner twins

“In all the marathons we ran together before, there was a point in the race we had to split up,” Anna said. “This was also the case in the Olympic marathon.” she added.

“Lisa was always not far from me. After 40 kilometers, there was a turning point, and I knew.”

“…I invested all I had and 300 meters before the finish line, I was next to Lisa”.

“It was a magical moment that we could finish this marathon together. We did not think about what we were doing.” Anna said.

“We trained the last four years to participate in this marathon.”

“Neither the time nor the position was what made us happy but to know that we did the best that was possible that day.” She continued.

Hahner twins' training

In spite of what they did, the twins’ performance, Lisa and Anna consecutively placed them 81st and 82nd in the women’s division.