Kristin Armstrong Dominates Cycling in 2016 Rio Olympics

“Because I can”- Kristin Armstrong

Not just Katie made her mark on Wednesday, but another female Olympian did. Winning her third gold medal for the women’s time trial at the age of 42, Kristin Armstrong became the only cyclist, male or female, to hold three consecutive gold medals in the same category. She’s gifted that day, for on Thursday she then turned 43.

gold medal

Prior to cycling, shehad been a junior Olympian in swimming, a distance runner when she was in college, and then became a triathlete.


Way back in 2009, Armstrong temporarily retired to start a family , and she announced a return to cycling beginning in the 2011 season. Her victory gave us so much to remember especially, “For all moms out there, I hope that this was a very inspiring day,” she said. To note, Kristin has one son.

Kristin with her son
“Because I can”
“I think that for so long we’ve been told that we should be finished at a certain age. And I think that there’s a lot of athletes out there that are actually showing that’s not true.”-Kristin Armstrong

From her name itself which is “Armstrong”, she really proves to us that she’s not just strong, but she’s extraordinary.