This Man Made a Video of Himself after Being Attacked by a Grizzly Bear

A teddy bear in your arms at night can make everything better than a thousand words. It’ll make your sleep so comfy, so tight, that when you dream,you’ll feel like everything so right.

Basically, it’s just a representation of what we seemed to be dreaming. A manifestation of what we thought bears are. Because of its furs, all we think is that they are fluffy and huggable. Well in fact, bears do bring nightmares. For this man faced the hard way when a grizzly bear came on firsthand and did what bears naturally do to commoners, which is to attack.

This is not being biased for animals especially for bears, but let’s face the fact that not all animals can be pleased.

Bear attack

This man tried to be friendly. But look what he got. Well in fact, he just tried to approach some cubs in Southwest of Montana, but without any signs of danger, there he encountered hell.

A mother grizzly bear was there on guard 80 yards away. She began hauling and seconds later aggressively attacked the impeccable man on his face. Poor man, he wasn’t prepared. He doesn’t even have the gear for protection. He only got a bottle of bear spray that amazingly led the bear to flee away.

The man miraculously survived the incident with some nasty wounds on his face and arms and even got the nerve to make a video of himself narrating what seemed to be his nightmare at daylight.