Exposed: Real Reason Why Rio’s Olympic Pool Turned Green

It was discovered that the Olympic pool used in Rio Olympic Games turned green; finally the Rio officials have the say on it.

“Of course it is an embarrassment because we are hosting the Olympic Games,” Rio 2016 spokesman Mario Andrada told the AP. “It should be light blue, transparent. We could have done better in fixing it quickly. We learned a painful lesson the hard way.”

rio officials
Rio Officials

Blame the contractor.

The officials said this Saturday that hydrogen peroxide was poured in by the contractors into the diving well and in the large pool last week. Due to chemical reaction, a sudden change in pool color -pea green happened.

Green Rio Pool

Hydrogen peroxide is a chlorinating agent, which supposed to kill germs and keep the water clean, but it got worse as days pass by.

Rio pool

“It’s not a health hazard to athletes”, said the Rio officials. Thus, training and competitions continued in the pool.

Fortunately, before the synchronized swimming started on Saturday, just in time, the pools were drained and replaced by fresh bright blue color, just visible for the competitors and judges to see.

synchronized swimming