10 Facts About Guys that Will Surely Surprise You

#1. Guys are mysterious

Mysterious Guy

Unlike girls who are full of dramas, Guys are different, they’re mysterious. If you haven’t been with your man for quite so long, better not judge him because you only know a part of him.

#2. They’re animalistic by nature

Girls and Guys brain

Based on study, a big percentage in their brain occupies their urge for pleasure. They think of entertainment, sports, hot chicks and of course, sex. Society dictates, you’re not a guy if you don’t think of these stuffs.

#3. They prefer beauty rather than brain

The Guys likes her beauty

It may be some kind of stereotyping but for every first meeting, the outside beauty of the girl matters because guys are easily attracted to pretty, sexy and hot girls; on the other hand, boys are not shallow, it’s the attitude of the girl that makes them stay.

#4. You’ll know if a guy is serious if he kisses you on the forehead

Guy Kiss her forehead

A kiss on the forehead is a kiss of respect. Thus, if a guy does this to you, better hold him tight because he’s serious.

#5. They can be sensitive and deep

Guys cry

Guys feel belittled if they’re being laughed at their mistake.

#6. They are possessive

Guy is jealous

Guys do the effort, and as a girl you must give them the time. They easily get jealous to other guys who easily get close to their girl.

#7. They’re weak

Sensitive guy

Once a guy is facing a problem, he doesn’t want others to know it. Guys think they’re strong if they do this, but honestly they’re not.

#8. They like clingy girls

Clingy couple

If you’re the girl, men love it when you let others know you’re madly deeply in love with him. That makes them proud.

#9. If a guy is into you, it’s harder for him to make a move

Shy Guy

If a guy likes you, it’ll be difficult for him to make move because many is at stake.

#10. They always start the argument


There’s sweetness after an argument and guys find it cute when girls are sweet, thus they always start the argument.