Watch : Stage Husband Goes Wild During Olympics

He’s not just there watching , but he’s there cheering so loud, wild, and proud for his wife to bring home the bacon.

Olympics is one of a kind event wherein people gather. Hundreds and thousands of people travel or turn their TV screens, just to see if the team they are rooting for won. In spite of the audience that are watching, what really touches the hearts of our athletes, are their families who’s in support of them.

Here’s a video of the Olympic couple that went viral. Watch so you’ll understand why:

Katinka Hosszu, an athlete of Hungary, just made her husband proud of her all over again. He’s husband goes nuts in cheering for his wife during her race. The effort was not wasted for she won another Gold, something a husband could be proud of.

Not just Hosszu’s Husband was in support of his woman, but there were also a lot of passionate families including the parents of Aly Raisman, who were more than scared and nervous of what she was doing; and even Phelps’ mom was there with lots of cute reactions during the race.