Video: Everybody Ignored the Teddy Bear For Sale, Until Angelina Jolie Pulled Over

The twin boys, Allen and Brandon had outgrown their 8.5-ft. tall teddy bear, named AG The Bear. They were hoping to sell it for $50 although they were willing to settle for much less.

angelina jolie

The boys stayed outside holding up a sign trying to sell AG under the sun. According to their father, Tim Alexander, the boys stayed there for about an hour and got a little sunburned. No one bothered until a white Cadillac pulled over. 

Angelina Jolie walked out the car with her son, Shiloh. The boys were extremely excited to finally have a buyer without recognizing that they were doing business with a popular movie star. Their dad had to explain to them Angelina’s role in Kung Fu Panda.

angelina jolie

Expecting to be haggled down, they asked the “mysterious woman” what her asking price was. To their surprise, they got $50 each! 

Watch the video uploaded by the twin’s father here: