MaConaughey, Celebrity Turned Sports Fanatic At Rio Olympics

Out of the many high profile celebrities who made their way to the Rio Olympics, Matthew McConaughey stood out. From ads and movies, McConaughey is a supporter and a lover of 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.
McConaughey cheering with wife

No one could ever match his enthusiasm. McConaughey was not only there watching but he’s literally there shouting, grinning, pointing to express his support and the occasional selfies with fellow spectators.

Selfie with fans

At first, he was seen in the audience alone. But later on, wife Camila Alves joined him. They weren’t just watching, but they were there to show support for the U.S. Olympic Swimming, Rugby, and Basketball team.

McConaughey alone
watching with wife

You shouldn’t be surprised if you saw McConaughey bringing so much enthusiasm. Both on and off screen, McConaughey is an avid sports fan. In the movie ‘We Are Marshall’ , he played the role of former Marshall University football head coach Jack Lengyel.

We are Marshall

In 2014, in his home state Texas, the actor notably gave a motivational pep talk to the Texas Longhorns football team relating his acting experiences into sports.

Peptalk in Texas

“I found that when I’ve done my best work as an actor,”McConaughey told the Longhorns, “It was when I pushed myself to be better than I even thought I could be”.