Inside The World’s First Starbucks Store

Seattle has a lot to offer. Aside from its iconic Space Needle, there also lies the world’s first ever Starbucks store. Hold tight coffee lovers!

Some snapshots from my trip:


The Outside:

The heat of the sun was completely ignored by all these people trying to endure the long lines although they know for a fact that there were other Starbucks stores within the Pike Place area.

The Entrance:

Obviously, the store has undergone a lot of renovation. It looks pretty modern, and I can say almost the same with the rest of the Starbucks stores nowadays. But what make this place special is, it will forever be The First.

The Inside:

I admire how the baristas keep their cool in such a busy coffee shop. It is the experience after all that makes this store so attractive especially to tourists. Come’on, it’s a rare experience to be in such a historic place and getting your cup of favorite drink from there makes it such a proud moment.

So here’s my proud Starbucks moment, a cup of Green Tea Latte: